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Davis Dollars offers the opportunity to intern with a team dedicated making a difference in the community. Interns will work individually, with other team members, and with members of the community, will develop professional and leadership skills, and will get to see the impact they make on the community. The internship is focused on intern learning and development. We believe that interns can do wonderful work, and we believe that investing in interns’ development is the best way to support that work.

Interns on all teams have real responsibility and make decisions, and we regularly develop team members into team leadership positions. See the team descriptions below.

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About the internship

This internship can last from as short as three months to as long as multiple years. Interns focus on individual development goals – usually skills they want to learn, and projects they want to accomplish – and three months is usually the minimum amount of time to complete a goal. Most interns stay 6-12 months. Interns who stay longer have the opportunity to master several skills and projects within their field. Others take on skills and projects in a variety of areas – for example, spending several months on the Communications team, then migrating to the Business Development team, and finally ending up on the Human Resources team.

The internship is unpaid. You may be able to earn academic credit; speak to your school’s internship and/or career office.

We require a commitment of 12 hours per week. We are fairly flexible about hours.

Beyond basic expectations like professionalism, a strong work ethic, etc., we look especially for:

  • Strong writing ability
  • Detail orientation
  • Strong interpersonal abilities (though there are a few teams where this is less important)
  • The ability to take responsibility for a project or goal and boil it down into specific tasks, then deliver excellent results

Depending on which team you join and which projects you take on, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Become a Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets ninja
  • Develop your leadership/management skills
  • Learn how to use spreadsheets, including using formulas
  • Learn how to create and edit websites using the free WordPress tool
  • Be a board member

Application process

Our application process is rigorous, but we want you to succeed. We believe that interns can be a tremendous asset to an office. Our office environment will help you work at your best, and we don’t want our application process to show you in anything less than your best light.

Contact us with any questions.

Steps of the application process

  1. Email your resume and cover letter to, or to our Human Resources team at .
  2. Fill out our online application. We use the online application, especially the writing and planning prompts, to decide whom to interview.
  3. In-person interview. This interview lasts up to an hour, and focuses on behavioral questions, planning ability and creativity.

When should you apply?

We use a rolling application process, accepting interns as they apply. The earlier you apply, the likelier you are to be able to join our team.

If you plan to apply for a Summer 2014 internship, we recommend you apply as early as possible. You can apply as far in advance as you want. Summer is our busiest time, and we fill most of our summer slots by early March each year, though there are sometimes still openings if you apply later.

Internship positions available

Community Outreach

While most Davis Dollars members are drawn to us because they want to improve the community, Community Outreach team members are usually the most focused on the community-building aspects of Davis Dollars (as opposed to marketing, business outreach, etc.). You’ll find yourself at home on the Community Outreach team if you love the idea of bridging the gaps between people in the community.

Community Outreach projects include starting and operating a Timebank to help people exchange services, tabling at the farmers market to talk to community members about Davis Dollars, and work on our Garden project.

People interested in Community Outreach are often also interested in the Communications or Gardening teams. The work of those teams overlaps heavily with the Community Outreach team, and it’s possible to do work that straddles both teams at once, though it may require a few more hours a week.

Garden Team

People are often drawn to the Garden team because they want to make an immediate, physical impact on the community. If you’re excited about growing food to feed people, but also to bring people together to get to know each other, you’ll be a natural fit on the Garden team. The Garden team is also one of the only teams that allows volunteers, so it may be a good pick for you if you want to help out but won’t be able to commit to a regular schedule.

Our Garden team coordinates several community garden plots, where we bring community members together to grow food. We use our work parties, and other garden gatherings, as opportunities to help community members find out about services they can help each other with. Garden team members work physically in the garden, table at the farmers market to get more people involved, and coordinate garden projects and events.

Garden team members often also participate on the community outreach and/or communications teams.

Communications and Marketing

People interested in marketing and social media are usually the best fits for the Communications and Marketing team. While all teams do some of their own marketing, this is the team that focuses on getting the word out about Davis Dollars.

Our Communications team is responsible for engaging the community through our Facebook page, our email newsletter, through print media like fliers and posters, and through personal outreach at the farmers market. The Communications team works closely with all other teams to help those teams communicate with the Davis community.

While members of the Communications team work with all teams, members who are interested in spreading their focus often also work on the Community Outreach team, and sometimes on the Garden team.

Business Development

Our Business Development team is responsible for our Davis Dollars organization’s business model and structure, and it attracts people who are interested in business, finance, accounting, and organizational design. This team also attracts people who are interested in crafting partnerships with other organizations and businesses. If you are excited about a career in the business world, as opposed to the nonprofit or government sector, this team may be the right choice.

Past and current projects include working with businesses that currently accept Davis Dollars, persuading new businesses to accept Davis Dollars, running our School Scrip program, and finding a financially sustainable way to donate some portion of our sales to Davis charities.

Human Resources

Human Resources team members help coordinate the internship program as a whole. They are usually one of two types of people: (1) those who love working with people, and want to help them be more effective and comfortable in their jobs; and (2) those who love thinking about ways to make an organization more effective, and want to design better systems to recruit, train and manage members of a team. Depending on your personal style, it can be a heavily systems-focused position, or it can be heavily personal-interaction-focused position.

The Human Resources team created our thorough training process, and trains new interns; overhauled our interview process, and interviews applicants; designed our Remote Work program; organizes team socials; and is building our alumni program.

Design (must have design skills)

If you have design skills and want to use them in a professional setting, you can help out on the Design team. We require applicants to have design skills. Graphic design and web design are the most important. The Design team is responsible for helping other teams share their messages in visually persuasive ways.

The Design team has created our Davis Dollars bill designs, nearly all our print materials (fliers, posters, banners), our website (, our T-shirts, and has been working to improve our farmers market tabling set-up.

Accounting (must have accounting skills)

You can put your accounting skills to work in a real-world setting by helping us keep track of our finances and analyzing the usage of Davis Dollars to help us get more Davis Dollars out in the community.

Our Accounting team set up our current accounting system, has helped us find new ways to raise money, and has done analysis of Davis Dollars spending habits to reveal the best places for us to sell Davis Dollars.

Leadership: Team Leader and Board Member positions

We give responsibility to all interns, but the two pinnacles of intern responsibility are the Team Leader and Board Member positions.

Team Leadership
The Team Leader takes responsibility for training, managing and leading all the members of a team (Business Development, Human Resources, etc.), and deciding which priorities that team should work on.

For example, a Human Resources team leader will work with her team, and with the Executive Director, to decide whether to work on recruiting new interns, improving our training process, putting more time and energy into our existing HR duties, improving our interview process, creating a new alumni program, promoting more interns to board member positions, etc. Her team will help her prioritize projects, and she will make sure her team understands the priorities. She and the team will implement projects based on the team’s priorities.

Team leaders are usually promoted from within the team they’re working on, or occasionally from other teams. Sometimes new interns will have the opportunity to be a team leader, especially if they show special aptitude and interest.

Board Membership
The Board decides long-range policy for the organization, is in charge of fundraising and other organization-wide considerations, and manages the executive director. Board Members help make the Davis Dollars organization’s biggest decisions.

Our board is a “working board”, meaning that Board Members spend some time every week working on projects, in addition to meeting regularly to make decisions for the organization. Board Members are typically also team members, though they aren’t always. Board membership requires 2-4 hours/week on top of other duties.

Board Members must be voted onto the Board by the other Board Members, and are usually only invited to join the board after being on a Board Working Group for several months first.