Board of Directors

Davis Dollars is looking for new board members. We are seeking both executive board members and advisory board members. Click here to apply.  We are looking for people who:

  • Understand the Davis community and its needs
  • Have passion for our mission of strengthening the Davis economy and community, and empowering individuals. And specifically, someone who is committed to providing Davis Dollars as another means of exchange
  • Are willing to commit time for board meetings, committee meetings, planning sessions, special events
  • Are team players, and work well in a group

Your contribution as a board member will be particularly valued if you have experience or expertise in some of these areas:

  • Legal experience
  • Fundraising experience
  • Marketing experience
  • Management experience
  • Accounting experience

We are also looking for a diverse board that includes at least one of each of the following:

  • UC Davis student
  • Business owner
  • Someone involved with the city of Davis
  • A leader of a community or neighborhood organization
  • Someone in the finance/banking industry

To learn more, email Nick Barry, executive director of Davis Dollars (nick at davisdollars dot org).

Once we have received your application our board will review it and contact you to set up an interview.

Currently our board consists of four members:

  • Nick Barry: Co-founder of Davis ECO, President of Davis ECO
  • Nick Young: Chief Financial Advisor of Davis ECO, UC Davis Student Intern
  • Ashly Collins: Secretary of Davis ECO, UC Davis Student Intern
  • Melissa Chin: UC Davis Student Intern

Our board meets once a month and all of our members also work on various projects to strengthen Davis ECO on a weekly basis.


One Response to Board of Directors

  1. nessitaskitchen says:

    Hey Nick! I am looking to get more involved with the community. Being on the board of DD is a fine opportunity to get to know Davis a bit more. As well as help push the DD movement into our community. As you know, I am part of an organization called Peace.Love.Swap.
    The peace. love. swap mission: to keep gently used baby, kid and maternity items out of landfills, and to donate to local charities, by producing fun and affordable family friendly swaps on a regular basis.
    I feel like P.L.S and DD go hand in hand with each other. I would love to collaborate with you to see if we could work something out for the 2 to go with each other. I know you are a super busy dude, so when ever you have some time to talk, let me know. My next event is going to be the 17th of December. I would really love it if you or an intern could be there. Talk soon!