Get Involved

You’re excited about Davis Dollars? We are too! There are lots of ways to get involved right away.

Post your services

Fill out this form (linked here) to add your service (offer or needed) to be included on our website as well as our monthly newsletter!

Finally, don’t forget to visit our table at the farmers market (every Saturday morning from 8am – 1pm) to post a service on our bulletin board.

Davis Dollars Meet and Greet

Want to meet other people in the community who accept Davis Dollars, or who are looking to spend some? Come to our booth at the Farmers Market from 11:00am – 12:00 noon during Saturday to meet other community members using DDs!

Check out the newsletter

Encourage people and businesses to use DDs

If you have friends with cool skills, tell them to come add some services to our website!

If you have a favorite business you wish would accept Davis Dollars, ask them to accept DDs, too. You can print this card and give it to them, to let them know that you want them to accept Davis Dollars.

Intern or partner with us

We have have great internships that will help you gain experience, and make an impact on your community! See our internships page for more information. Or if you aren’t looking for a formal internship, but still want to help strengthen the Davis community and economy, take a look at the internships page, then join our Facebook Group for people helping make Davis Dollars happen:Davis Dollars Revolution.

Join our board of directors or advisory board

We’re looking for board members and advisory board members. It’s a great way to help guide Davis Dollars , and help it grow to the next level. See our Board Members page for more information, and then contact us.

Join our Garden Team

Join our Garden Team to help build gardens, or just come to one of our potlucks. See more on our Garden Team page.