Davis Dollars for Businesses

We Accept Davis Dollars Sticker Davis Dollars is a community currency for the city of Davis. Its purpose is to bring people together and strengthen our community. As a business, you can benefit from accepting Davis Dollars after you have accepted it since (1) you’ll gain more customers who are Davis Dollars users (2) you’ll get free marketing from several of our social media outlets (davisdollars.org,facebook.com/davisdollarstwitter.com/davisdollars), and (3) you’ll promote goodwill and take a part in strengthening our community.

Accepting Davis Dollars is easy – anyone can do it! You don’t need our permission. If you let us know you’re accepting Davis Dollars, we’ll list you on our Businesses page, and give you a sticker, like the one to the left, to put in your window. If you’re interested, Contact Us!

You can exchange Davis Dollars back into US Dollars. You can get $0.95 per Davis Dollars. (You can get $0.97 per DD if you exchange 250 DDs or more, or $1.00 per DD if you exchange 500 DDs or more.) See the Business FAQs for more details on how this works.

You have complete control over how you accept Davis Dollars – you can accept it unconditionally (like most businesses), accept it only from new customers, or accept it only on certain days.