The search for a diverse, effective, and ambitious Board of Directors has been a priority within the Davis Dollars team for several months now. Establishing a Board of Directors is essential to the non-profit status of our organization (especially for tax exemption), but there are personal reasons as well. Nicholas (Nico) Barry, our executive director, is deciding to relocate to Marin County within the next 5 to 6 months. Therefore, he and the rest of the intern team would like to see Davis Dollars continue in his absence with a strong leadership team.

Qualifications for becoming a Board of Directors member include: legal experience, fundraising experience, marketing experience, management experience, and accounting experience. The proposed board member committee is also aimed at diversity, and the team is expecting to recruit one of each on the board: a UC Davis student, a business owner, someone with city involvement within Davis, a leader of a community/neighborhood organization, and someone in finance/banking.

So far, two candidates have been elected to be a part of the Board Member committee. Although applications have been submitted requesting to be a part of the Board of Directors, many of them have been students. We encourage all of these students (and future student applicants) to consider an internship with Davis Dollars first in order to build the professional skills that are needed to be a member of the board. The descriptions of our various internship positions can be found under the “Get Involved” section of our website.

Lian De Los Reyes, our accounting and business intern, is working closely with Nico in the recruitment process, feels like the biggest challenge will be having potential members stay committed and generating interest in these positions.

A public information session on potential board positions has been planned by the team, but the date has not been officially decided. Until that time, anyone interested in applying may contact Nico ( or Lian (